Record for oldest flight attendant on duty at 86

Oldest serving flight attendant record at age 86


American woman holds Guinness record for oldest serving flight attendant; she has worked in the same position for 65 years. 

Bette Nash, a native of Manassas, Virginia, was first hired by Eastern Airlines in 1957 when she was 21 years old. She now flies with American Airlines and can choose the routes she wants to take.

“I love people. I like to be on the same flight all the time since I know my passengers well,” Bette Nash told CNN.

According to ABC News, Ms. Nash remains loyal to the New York-Washington route -Boston, route that allows him to take care of disabled sons.

“We had to have a precise height and weight. It was horrible back then. We gained a little weight and we had to weigh ourselves; if we stayed like that, we weren't getting any more pay,” Ms. Nash confessed in an interview with ABC in 2017, in collaboration with WJLA.

The flight attendant emeritus said that early on during her career, they and her colleagues handed out cigarettes and matches to passengers.

“After the meal, I walked down the aisle with Kents and Marlboros,” she explained.