Record rain in June in several regions of Quebec

Record rain in June in several regions of Quebec


If the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region broke a rain record on June 24, it's Montreal's turn to follow suit on Thursday, with a new record of 79 years for the month of June. 

The temperature was abnormally wet in June in several regions of Quebec, particularly in Montreal and Saguenay, where rain records were broken.

For three days in the same period, the metropolis recorded more than 30 mm of rain, according to meteorologist Gilles Brien. “It's more than an inch of rain falling. Usually, there is not even a day in June in Montreal when we record more than 25 mm. Maybe once every two years, but three days in June is very rare,” he said.

Normally, the month of June should record a total of 89 mm of rain in the metropolis. However, this year was exceptional in terms of the amount of rain since the city recorded twice as much rain, or nearly 170 mm. This is a first in 79 years.

In Saguenay, the situation is even worse. This year, the month of June recorded nearly 240 mm of rain in Bagotville. “It's almost triple the usual number,” noted Mr. Brien.

The region had already shattered a record on June 24, but the rain accumulated in the last week of June caused the numbers.

“It's no wonder there were landslides,” said the meteorologist.

A month of July “copied and pasted »

According to Mr. Brien, Quebecers should expect a fairly similar month of July in terms of temperatures. The first heat waves are not expected before mid-July and will last only three or four days.

In general, the month of July will not be ideal for swimming, said Mr. Brien. “There will still be good weather. If you are on vacation, for example, it will still be acceptable for the next few days,” he added.