Record the deaths and protests: US overcame the peak of infection with coronavirus

According to the President of the United States Donald trump, the data indicate that the country has overcome the peak of infection with coronavirus. He promised on Thursday, April 16, to present “new basic principles” of the coming of the resumption of economic activities in the United States. The President said on Wednesday, April 15, evening at the daily press briefing of the working group the White house on the coronavirus. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Рекордная смертность и акции протестов: США преодолели пик заражений коронавирусом

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“The battle continues, but evidence suggests that the country has passed the peak of new infections, — said the President. — Although we must remain vigilant, it is clear that our principal strategy is working”.

In addition, Donald trump announced that his administration is trying to figure out whether the source of the coronavirus is one of the Chinese biological laboratories in Wuhan. During the press conference the head of the White house was asked whether it was aware of reports that the virus is literally “out of the bottle” as a result of a random incident.

“We conduct a very thorough check of this terrible situation that happened,” — said the President.

Interestingly, the day before, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army, General mark Milly said, according to us intelligence, origin, coronavirus, likely a natural one and it came naturally, though wholly to be sure it is impossible.

In parallel, President trump has threatened to force members of Congress to suspend its activities or to return to the Capitol, despite the pandemic coronavirus. Trump recalled that, for lack of a majority of the legislators in Washington, the White house could not approve the candidates for Federal judges and other government positions.

“The current practice is to leave the city, swiping a fake formal session is a dereliction of duty that the American people cannot afford during this crisis,” — said the President.

Dr. Deborah birx, a member of the working group of the White house, commented on the epidemiological situation in the U.S., stating its concern about the situation in Providence is the largest city in the state of Rhode island on the northeast coast of the United States. Providence was sandwiched between the two epicentres of the outbreak of the coronavirus in new York and Boston.

“We remain concerned and discussed it with the authorities of Rhode island. Rhode island and Providence are in a unique situation. First, they have increasingly been reported cases of the disease brought from new York, and now they have new cases brought from Boston,” said birx.

She urged Americans to continue to practice social distancing and noted that nine States recorded less than a thousand cases of infection with coronavirus.

Deaths from the coronavirus again breaks records

The number of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States two days in a row grew at a record pace. Wednesday, April 15, was recorded 2371 death and the total number has reached 30 800, writes “Voice of America”.

Against this background, the States that have managed to avoid the worst effects of the pandemic, to discuss the possibility of partial lifting of restrictions on business and social life by may 1.

The first death from the coronavirus in the United States was registered on 29 February. It took 38 days to the number of deaths reached 10 million, but the transition from 10 to 30 thousand demanded only 9 days.

Previous sad record of the daily mortality was achieved on Tuesday, April 14, when he died 2364 people.

During a pandemic coronavirus protests attracted thousands of people to the state orders to the house

In many States, protests continue, as orders for isolation, the vocation to curb the spread of the coronavirus, has created large economic problems.

Many of the protesters were dissatisfied with the economic consequences which cause restrictions. According to estimates of economists surveyed by Bloomberg, the labor Department will report on approximately 5.5 million Americans who filed unemployment claims over the past week.

Trump and the state governors are discussing when States should loosen restrictions.

Discussing whether he or the Governor of the state the right to remove restrictions, trump said: “When someone is the President of the United States, the power is full”.

The unprecedented claims of the President full authority met immediate resistance from Democrats and Republicans, many of whom argued that the U.S. Constitution directly refutes his claim to absolute power.

In which States do people oppose isolation mode


The demonstrators brought thousands of vehicles — many of which were covered with protest signs — to the capital of Michigan Lansing, protesting against the government’s decision about the exclusion, writes USA Today.

Incidence rates in Michigan, it seems to have declined somewhat in the last weekend, but on Monday, April 13, the number of infections and deaths increased again. Public health officials recently expressed optimism about the situation with coronavirus, but added that it was too early to say that the infection reached its peak in Michigan.

The Governor of the state Gretchen Whitmer said she respects the right to protest, stating that it does not violate the order of stay of the house, but she said that many of the protesters are putting themselves and others at risk of infection COVID-19.

March 10 Whitmer declared a state of emergency in Michigan and on March 23 announced the order of isolation, which ordered residents to stay inside, except for the important purposes, and pointed to companies that are considered nieznanowice to cease their activities. In early April, it extended the order until may 1, imposing more stringent restrictions on nonessential travel and some shopping places.

Michigan ranks third in the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the country.


About 100 demonstrators demanded that Governor Andy Beshir re-open Kentucky and tore his televised press conference on the pandemic, shouting into a megaphone and drowning out everything around it.

The protesters, some of whom, it seemed, stood at a distance of less than 6 ft (1.8 m) apart, chanting “we want work” and “facts versus fear.”

Approximately in the middle of a briefing Bichard acknowledged the protesters: “In the background there is noise”.

“We have now in Kentucky there are a lot of people, and everyone should have the opportunity to Express their opinion,” said Bishar.

The protesters, in particular, did not agree with the decision of Beshir to order the closure of many businesses across the state. He has taken this step to slow the spread of COVID-19, which so far has killed 122 people in the state infected 2291 people.


About 100 protesters gathered during his speech the Governor of the state Mike devine. Many expressed dissatisfaction with the rule, “stay at home”.

In addition, legislators in Ohio want Devin set the date for the first phase of opening businesses, schools, and public places.

Earlier, one of the members of the state government made clear that any weakening of the order to stay home will depend on test results for coronavirus and other medical data.

The head of the Department of health, Ohio Dr. Amy Acton ordered isolation March 22, but the schools have been closed since March 12. Expiration: this order expires on may 1, but more likely that students and teachers will return to their classrooms this year.


Hundreds of Utah residents gathered to protest against the closure of enterprises and institutions due to the coronavirus.

A resident of the state Larry Meyers organized this event, trying to “assert our God-given and constitutionally protected rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of Assembly, freedom of religion, the right to conclude contracts and the right to use our property as we see fit until we are doing harm to others.”

In front of the administration building Washington County had a lot of people, they walked around the building with signs calling on Governor Gary Herbert to reopen businesses.

Deborah Palmer owns a small business, said that concern for the safety of her family brought her to the March.

“My daughter is out of work, the number of hours my husband declined, and I also without a job, Palmer said. I hope that officials will see that many of us do not support restrictions that impede our rights.”

North Carolina

Tuesday, April 14, police in North Carolina arrested a protester after more than 100 people gathered in downtown Raleigh to protest against the order of the Governor Roy Cooper to stay at home.

Police said that “protests are not listed as essential functions” in accordance with the orders of exclusion.

Order Cooper was originally announced on March 29 and should be in force at least until April 29.


Thursday, April 16 in Richmond, Virginia, a planned protest due to the introduction of the procedure of isolation in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

Wednesday, April 15, the state’s Governor Ralph Northam announced that it extends the regime of isolation for another two weeks. Its validity expired on April 23 but now he will act, at least until may 8.

“Decree requiring sick people to stay home, called quarantine. However, the decree requiring healthy people to stay home, forcing businesses and churches to close, is called tyranny”, — stated in the message of the company, which takes part in the protests ReOpen in Virginia.




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