Record Ukraine increased imports of gas from EU

Украина рекордно нарастила импорт газа из ЕС

Photo: the Operator of Ukraine’s GTS

Capacity allows you to import up to 170 million cubic meters of gas per day

After you create the virtual points on the borders with Poland and Hungary, and launch of virtual reverse import has increased to 70 million cubic meters per day.

Daily gas imports to the EU Ukraines reached a record high in 2014 of 70 million cubic meters, said on Saturday, July 11, the head of the Operator GTS Ukrainesergey МакогонвFacebook.

This growth, he explained the creation of virtual points on the boundary salsamania, and launch of virtual reverse.

“Last year the maximum capacity to import does not exceed 66 million cubic meters per day and was limited to existing infrastructure. Now with the virtual reverse imports may reach 170 million cubic meters per day,” said Makogon.

He said that most of the import is a seasonal injection into underground storage.

“If two years ago the main part of the gas pumped Naftogaz this year significant amounts injected a European company. And this is significant additional income to the budget of Ukraine”, — said the head of GTS.