Recorded arrears of subsidies in 19 regions of Ukraine

The head of audit chamber Valery Patskan said that the arrears in the payment of benefits and subsidies on utilities in the early 2020 was recorded in 19 regions of Ukraine.

Зафиксирована задолженность по субсидиям в 19 областях Украины

About it reports a press-Department service.

When estimates of Patskan, the high indebtedness recorded in such regions: Lviv – UAH 7.2 million; Dnipropetrovsk – 4.9 million UAH; Kiev – 0,6 million UAH; Zaporizhia – 0,5 million UAH.

“This shows that the actual need for such spending due to the subsidy is not provided. Only 19 fields as of 1 January 2020 according to the provided benefits and housing allowances were payable in the amount of 14.6 million hryvnia. Someone this amount in the entire country will seem insignificant. But there is a danger that this debt will not be extinguished,” – said Patskan.

The risks of non-collection due to the fact that the budget for 2020 does not envisage the provision of support to local budgets of subventions.

The head of audit chamber has informed that in 2019 on the responsibilities of local budgets for provision of benefits and housing subsidies to pay for housing from the state budget allocated grants in the amount of 21.6 billion UAH. or 99.9% of target for the year.