Recording of a podcast: Julien Lacroix attempts a return to public life

Podcast recording: Julien Lacroix attempts a return to public life


Comedian and comedian Julien Lacroix, who was the subject of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct in July 2020 following an investigation by the Devoir, is attempting a return to the public sphere: to mark his two years of sobriety, he will record a podcast of questions and answers in front of an audience.

This is what we can read in the description of the event, described as an appointment where “humor and confessions” will go hand in hand.

Registration will take place on July 12. The address will be shared by email to people who have reserved their place 24 hours earlier, but we already know that it will be in the Préfontaine metro station area, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, in Montreal. It will be necessary to pay $15 to attend, and the total proceeds, according to Julien Lacroix, will go to one or more organizations dedicated to the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction among young people.

In a message publicizing the recording of the podcast, Julien Lacroix, who has not “spoken in front of people since March 12, 2020” says he is “nervous, but excited at the idea of ​​you [talking]”.

“One of the things the past few years have taught me is that in-person discussions are always more rewarding than through social media,” he wrote.

About his sobriety, Julien Lacroix specifies that “it may seem banal or your daily life, but I admit that on my side as I consume since the age of 12, it is a great pride. I don't [take] anything for granted, I continue my recovery, but I admit that I breathe better.”

He concludes his message with the following formula: “If it's true that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a company to raise a drunkard”.

After the “Devoir” investigation, in which nine women recounted difficult episodes with Julien Lacroix, the agency supporting Julien Lacroix had dumped him and the latter had announced that he was putting his career on hold. In December 2021, he gave a long video interview to journalist Améli Pineda about his rehabilitation process.