Recovering from a 3rd cancer, singer Lulu Hughes has found the sacred fire

Recovery from a 3rd cancer, singer Lulu Hughes has found the sacred fire


Lulu Hugues is better. After overcoming a third cancer in the midst of a pandemic, she has concocted a new album, after 12 years of absence on record. Build Near The Water, his 4thth career album, is his work the most personal. “I put my modesty aside and viscerally felt a need to share and stop refusing to indulge,” says the singer. 

From this new album by Lulu Hughes, which will be released on October 24, will emanate as much strength as sweetness, no doubt because the singer has overcome her share of hardships over the past ten years.


This true force of nature lived through untreated postpartum depression, a heartbreaking divorce, battled breast cancer in 2016 and uterine cancer in 2019, coped with the loss of her mother by an incurable cancer and fought (in silence) against a third recurrence of cancer during the pandemic, in May 2020.

For the swing singer, it was therefore obvious that as a public figure, she had to set an example by opening up and sharing her experiences with the world. By telling her story and her new way of seeing life, she wanted to help people feel less alone. “I had things to say,” laughs the 55-year-old artist.

Opening up to the world

On this new album, the 9 tracks in English and the only title in French “Comme une fleur” are revealed as so many facets of his personality. The singer recognized for being a beast of the stage has chosen, for the first time, to indulge in the sweetness of the feeling of being herself.

“I felt that I was there, that I had to open up to the world, she confides. I had a 3rd cancer at the start of the pandemic and treatments all summer until the fall of 2020, then I procrastinated a bit with the disease and the pandemic. In the fall of 2021, I decided to dive with both feet, in a different way, into this album. By giving myself much more and rediscovering the essence and soul of Lulu, the 16-year-old teenager who was lit and inspired by art and music in her very being.”

This album was made with laughter and ease, despite the challenge of revealing itself, in writing, like never before.

“Showing only one side of me, this Lulu that we saw on stage, was no longer enough for me and no longer fulfilled me, she confides. I had a very strong need for truth. A need to be me in all spheres. I also needed to show that soft side of me.”

Getting back to singing after an almost two-year hiatus full of harsh chemotherapy treatments for the voice and mucous membranes also took time and effort. courage. “It took me a year and a half to regain my vocal strength and my voice before.”

A grounded Lulu

“I don't want to survive, I want to live, continues the one who upsets when she sings “Who's Gonna Love Me” dedicated to her late mother. (“Who's gonna love me now that you're gone? Who's gonna love me now that you're gone?” she asks.) I want to be a tough, two-footed Lulu. in the ground. Yes, I like to fly and soar, but I also like to feel very grounded. »

With a smile on her face, she explains that cancer has taught her a lot and that it has simplified her life by forcing her to leave behind many things that were too heavy to bear.

“I have a peace of mind that I didn't have before and that I welcome with open arms, adds the artist who hopes to tour with this new album. We are all endowed with an inner strength and when we are presented with facts, it makes or breaks. Either roll up your sleeves and go, or throw up your hands and go. I made the choice to continue. »

The album Built Near the Water will be available on October 24 in CD box set, vinyl box set and in digital version on the Lulu Hughes website: www.