Recovery or remission: what is the difference?

When a patient is sick, he hopes to recover. But sometimes doctors say that entered remission. These two concepts are often confused with and substitute for each other. So what is the difference between recovery and remission, let’s look at together with Medicforma.

Выздоровление или ремиссия: в чём разница?

What is remission

The absence of symptoms does not always mean a full recovery. If the patient is suffering from chronic disease or infection, prone to relapse, the feeling may improve. This is called remission. Sometimes it can take years, decades. And sometimes quite short.
There are two types of remission – persistent and non-persistent. Very similar to a full recovery. And since in some people the disease may not manifest most of my life, why bother your brain in remembering information about remission. While not necessarily a relapse, but about the complete recovery of speech can not be. Some microorganisms can remain in the human body for very long. The immune system will suppress their activity, but any weakening can lead to infection. Most the example with herpes. Chill on the lips been almost everyone, it is time. But the virus is not going anywhere, and manifest at every opportunity.
There is also the full, complete and clinical remission. If the feeling becomes better, it is referred to as clinical remission based on the patient’s sensations. It may take pain, return to normal temperature, pressure, the symptoms will disappear. But it will not mean recovery. Many people confuse their state and discontinue therapy. However, without proper treatment the condition could worsen and even go to another stage.

Complete remission is almost a full recovery, when there are no signs of disease or other indicators on the survey. There are diseases in which complete remission does not require maintenance therapy, and there when you need constant medical supervision, sometimes for life.

What is the recovery

Recovery is a state of the body, occurring after the end of the disease process. It occurs only if all the organs are functioning as they should. Sometimes recovery occurs quickly enough, and in some cases (severe diseases) may take weeks or even years.
Recovered, it would seem that a person may not always immediately get to work or their normal routines. In some cases, require rehabilitation. In this case, it is impossible to speak about full recovery. As rehabilitation implies the restoration, and if not all the organs are functioning normally, then we are not talking about recovery.