Red wine helps to control weight and cholesterol

Scientists have studied the effect of different alcoholic beverages on the intestinal flora and other health indicators.

Красное вино помогает контролировать вес и холестерин

Experts from king’s College London decided to find out what effect different alcoholic drinks on the condition of the intestinal microflora, cholesterol and the risk of obesity. To obtain objective data, the researchers invited more than 450 pairs of female twins, who prefer different drinks.

The result was the influence of spirits, different kinds of wines and Beers. The scientists also took into account medical history, socio-economic status, nutrition and other factors that can influence the microbiome and cholesterol in the blood.

As it turned out, most to win lovers of red wine. This drink compared to other alcohol, helps to keep the diversity of the intestinal microflora. In addition, red wine reduces cholesterol levels and helps maintain normal weight. Red wine has much more antioxidants than white wine. As for other alcoholic beverages, their nutritional value is low in principle.

Experts noted that the benefits are enough to drink only one glass of red wine a week. They are also reminded that excessive alcohol consumption can bring only harm.