Red wine was useful for the female body

A study conducted by members of the Royal College of London (UK) for nearly a thousand women-twins confirmed the assumptions about the benefits of red wine for health. This alcoholic drink, as researchers found, increases the diversity of the intestinal microflora, reduces cholesterol, and reduces the likelihood of extra pounds.

Красное вино оказалось полезным для женского организма

In scientific work, which was published in Gastroenterology, it is said that red wine is good for the health of women. Simply because study, the results of which were made such findings, were carried out on women. However, nothing prevents to assume that similar effects of wine causes in the body of men.

“The composition of the intestinal microflora of women who regularly consume red wine, was the most diverse (in comparison with those who like other alcoholic beverages, in particular, stronger). This is a pretty important factor that can determine the overall level of health”, says Caroline Le Roy, one of the study’s authors.

Red wine, as the researchers found, reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, improves digestion, lowers risk of obesity, and so on. However, with the findings of British researchers agree not all — most of the scientists adhere to the view that the potential harm from consuming any alcohol always outweighs any hypothetical beneficial effects.