(Re)discover Jamie Lee Curtis in five films

(Re)discover Jamie Lee Curtis in five films


British baroness, author of children's books, activist, producer, avid video game lover, godmother of Jake Gyllenhaal and holder of two baby diaper patents, Jamie Lee Curtis is also on the bill of the new Halloween, a role she has held for 44 years, a longevity record that ensures her a special place in Hollywood. 

The Night of the Masks (1978 )

The daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (famous for her role in Psychosisby Alfred Hitchcock) is, by birth, part of the gratin of Hollywood. But Jamie Lee Curtis has no intention of taking advantage of the ambient nepotism; she dropped out of law school and rose through the ranks on her own, starting out with tiny roles on hit TV shows such as Quincy, M.E., Charlie's Angels or even em>Columbo. Then, when she was only 19, John Carpenter offered her the role of Laurie Strode and a salary of $8,000. She accepts. When the film was released, the reviews were not kind – Roger Ebert, on the other hand, chose it as one of his 10 favorite films of the year – but word of mouth worked and the revenues were there. -you. Because, with a box office of US$70 million, the first feature film in the Halloween franchise becomes one of the most profitable independent films of the year. No fewer than 12 spinoffs later, Night of the Masks is a cult, first slasher film that cemented Jamie Lee Curtis as the perfect Scream Queen. p>

A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Obviously John Carpenter calls her back for The Fog, his next film and Jamie Lee Curtis finds herself inundated with offers of roles in horror films. The filmmaker then directed her in Halloween 2: the mask (1981) and we hear her voice in Halloween 3: the blood of the wizard (1982). She also makes a few detours in comedies or romantic dramas and imposes herself as a sex symbol with Perfect (1985) in which she gives the answer to a John Travolta transfixed with love. Then John Cleese of Monthy Python wrote the screenplay for A Fish Called Wandaand director Charles Crichton gives her the role of Wanda, the very sassy girlfriend of the American Otto (Kevin Kline). The wacky comedy was a worldwide smash hit and received three Oscar nominations, with Kevin Kline scooping the Best Supporting Actor statuette.

True Lie (1994)

In the aftermath, Jamie Lee Curtis forsook horror films for a while, turning to feature-length action films. She thus agrees to shoot Blue Steel(1990) with Kathryn Bigelow – ex-wife of James Cameron – without refusing romantic comedies like A second chance (1992) with Mel Gibson. At the same time, James Cameron found his Terminator in the person of Arnold Schwarzenegger. And when the Canadian director had the idea of ​​bringing his script for True Lie to the screen, a spy-action comedy, he gave the role of Schwarzenegger's wife to the 36-year-old actress who, as a result, won a Golden Globe nomination. And her status as a woman of dreams was confirmed to such an extent that she landed an advertising contract for the Legs tights brand… and had her legs insured for US$1 million.

A Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Friday (2003)

If Jamie Lee Curtis stays true to the role of Laurie Strode that launched her career – with Halloween H20: Twenty Years later in 1998 then Halloween: The Resurrectionin 2002 – she continued her career, diversifying her roles, notably by making an appearance in The Tailor of Panama, released in 2001. The one who never takes herself seriously then becomes the mother of Lindsay Lohan in the comedy A Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Friday and the friendship between the two actresses lives on to this day.

Everything, everywhere, all at once (2022)

Jamie Lee Curtis semi-retired in 2008 to devote himself to his family and his two children. She keeps a low profile, while continuing to play Laurie Strode, dub a few cartoons and start producing with her godson Jake Gyllenhaal for the documentary Hondros about war photographer Chris Hondros. Then, because she likes a challenge, she becomes an employee of the Ministry of Revenue in the crazy science-fiction comedy Everything, everywhere, all at once, and confided, on the airwaves of the French television, that her love scene with Michelle Yeoh was the most beautiful she had ever shot.