Reese Witherspoon keeps diet Anna Sedokova

Now Reese Witherspoon on the front pages of all publications. First, rocked her project, “Big little lies”, and now the show “Morning show”, where the company the actress made the same Groovy Jennifer aniston.

Риз Уизерспун держит диету Анны Седоковой

Not surprisingly, Reese, who has always maintained that hates sports and diet, trying to keep himself in shape. In particular go to the gym regularly and running in the morning, and diet 16/8, which is called interval fasting.

A few months ago, this power system sang Hosanna Anna Sedokova, who was trying to lose weight, but eventually fell through, and in her own words was stress-eating.

The essence of interval nutrition is to eat for 8 hours (distribute 2-3 meals), and only 16 hours to drink water.

Nutritionists say that if you follow this system, from the body will start quickly to get out the toxins, to improve sleep, accelerate metabolism. Quick results should not wait, therefore the diet needs to follow and not jump from it.

However, this system is not for everyone. For example, in gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer cannot be practiced interval fasting. Also, such diets are not needed during hard periods and PMS, when there is an active loss of iron. Interval diet is contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus of the 1st type and 2nd type, very obese people with more weight.