Reese Witherspoon told about the first meeting with Jennifer aniston

Reese Witherspoon graced the cover of the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In it, the actress spoke about her first meeting with Jennifer aniston about the launch of the new series “the Morning show” for the Apple TV+, in which they starred along with Jennifer.

Риз Уизерспун рассказала о первой встрече с Дженнифер Энистон

Actresses have been friends for over 15 years. The first meeting Witherspoon and aniston happened during the filming of the series “Friends”. In the series, Reese played the sister of the heroine Jennifer. Then Witherspoon was only 23 years old, and she just had a baby. For her daughter Ava, the actress watched and cared for right on the set.

Jen kept saying, “you Have a baby?” And I said, “you Know, it’s weird”

― said Reese. In her interview she noticed that Jennifer was very nice to her.

I was very nervous, and she’s like, “Oh, God, do not worry you so!”

Reese also spoke about the shooting in the series “the Morning show”, where aniston played a major role. The plot tells the story of life leading morning news in crisis, not only in professional but also in personal life. In the series touch on the subject of harassment and sexual harassment.

When we started, the series was just a book, and scandals Harvey Weinstein or Forest Monviso not yet broke,

― said the actress. According to her, the scandal with Roger Ailsa happened the year before, and in October 2017, everyone was talking about how women are really treated in the media.

We decided that we need to start from scratch and redo with a large bias that the truth emerges in the media and people are responsible for their behavior

― said Reese in an interview.

The series “Morning show” is due out in theaters in November of this year. The idea of the project came up with one of the former leaders of HBO Michael Ellenberg, and the writer was made by the producer of “house of cards,” Jay Carson.