Reforestation: the money is not there

Reforestation: the money is not there


The forestry industry pays Quebec City $400 million a year in royalties. Of that money, too little would be invested in ensuring that the forest it cuts regrows.

“We don't have the money to bring back the forest, we should double the budget for reforestation,” argues the president of the Association of Forestry Contractors of Quebec (AETSQ), Charles-Philippe Mimeault Laflamme . 

He knows very well that he is in a conflict of interest, since he chairs the association of some 150 entrepreneurs who are working to reforest Quebec. 

Silviculturists try as best they can to convince Quebecers that their activities have an impact.

“It's not us who say that what we do works, it's science,” says William Lebel, president of the Quebec Federation of Forest Cooperatives. 

< strong>Same budget as in 2013

He insists on the fact that the budget of $225M per year for silviculture has not been indexed since 2013. 

   The government is contemptuous of foresters , even admits the ecologist Henri Jacob, not exactly a big supporter of logging at first. 

If it is not just a question of money, the fact that the budget, which comes from the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, has stagnated for 10 years is not proof of gratitude either.&nbsp ;

   We sure do less with 225 M$ in 2022 than in 2013, the cost of living has increased since , they all say of the same way. 

Minister Pierre Dufour, elected in Abitibi-Est and whose nickname, in the community, is “the ghost of Abitibi “, takes it for his cold too when we take the time to listen to the actors of the Quebec forestry industry.

“They want to increase the quality of the forests in order to be able to cut twice as much wood in 2080. They should start by taking care of it,” said the AETSQ president.

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