Reform GASI: Smigel talked with the builders

Реформа ГАСИ: Шмыгаль поговорил со строителями

Smigel discussed with the builders accelerating the reform of GASI.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal held a meeting with participants of the construction market focusing on reforming of State architecture and construction inspection (EXTINGUISH). It is reported by UNN with reference to the Government portal.

So, Smigel stressed the importance of the discussion of reform concept with all participants of the construction market and introduced a system of reform EXTINGUISH. According to him, the reform was taken into account the European experience.

“Nowhere in Europe have no control of the construction at the entrance, there is a town-planning conditions and restrictions for which someone is responsible”, — he said.

The Prime Minister reminded that the essence of the reform lies in the fact that instead of EXTINGUISH, which has excessive powers to establish three Central authorities, dividing the regulatory and Supervisory functions.

According to him, it is necessary to pass this reform, and to adopt the relevant legislation, which are already mostly prepared.

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“Then the market will work differently, and construction will go faster and we can avoid illegal constructions. We must give everyone the same rules of the game. Because business is competition. And these rules, the task of government — the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada”, — said Smigel, calling on construction market participants to take part in the speedy implementation of the reform.

During the discussion the Prime Minister also assured that advocated a system of risk insurance of the customer, the investor and the contractor.

“For you, as market participants, saved from corruption money is a resource for insurance,” he said.

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In addition, the Prime Minister supported the initiative of deputies about the creation of the temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada, which will investigate cases of corruption in the EXTINGUISH, and agreed with the proposal of market participants to establish a working group that will jointly develop proposals to the bill.