Refusal to take an oath to the king: solidarity and PQ may be expelled

Refusal to take the oath to the king: Solidarity and P&quistes may be expelled ;s


If they maintain their refusal to take the oath to King Charles III, the solidarity and PQ deputies could be expelled from the Blue Room, the President of the National Assembly has just ruled.  

The elected representatives of Québec solidaire and the Parti Québécois have refused to swear allegiance to the British crown in recent weeks, preferring only to take the oath to the people of Quebec. < /p>

The two parties were counting on the negotiations that will begin tomorrow with the other political parties in the National Assembly in order to find a way to sit without submitting to this requirement provided for in the Canadian constitution. 

In a letter addressed to all the political parties, the outgoing president of the National Assembly, François Paradis, wrote: “In this context, the presidency does not have the power to exempt a deputy from an obligation constitutional and cannot rule in order a motion that would circumvent this that all parliamentarians clearly understand the scope of this decision, I give the formal order to the Sergeant-at-Arms to ensure that this decision is applied in such a way that members who have not taken the oath cannot sit in the Chamber of the National Assembly or in one of its committees. In the event that a person refuses to comply with this prohibition, the Sergeant-at-Arms will be authorized to expel him ”, writes the president.  

The PQ inflexible

On the side of the Parti Québécois, we have sought to minimize the scope of the opinion of François Paradis in this file. “It is his opinion, launched Pascal Bérubé in an interview with LCN. We have twelve very concrete legal opinions, the CAQ has none.” 

The MNA for Matane-Matapédia also believes that François Paradis is showing partisanship in rendering this decision, that he described as a “mission ordered for his CAQ colleagues”. 

The three elected PQ members still have no intention of taking the oath to the king, despite the prospect of not being able to sit in The national assembly. “We will not give in and we are standing up,” said Pascal Bérubé.  

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