Regina todorenko a few hours crying because of advertising diapers with my son

Popular presenter and blogger Regina todorenko a few hours crying after seeing a TV advertisement of diapers, where the main role was played by her son Michael. Now the boy is 10 months, star’s parents decided to show his face.

Регина Тодоренко несколько часов плакала из-за рекламы подгузников с сыном

Regina Todorenko after seeing the infomercial was getting so emotional. At this point, she was immediately transported to my childhood where there were mom and dad, who with tears in his eyes, rejoiced in every victory, even the last place at competitions in ballroom dancing, imperfect twine, a small poem, a minor role in a theatrical play.

When the leader became a mother myself, I started to understand the exaggerated emotions of their parents. According to Regina Todorenko, this is a genuine pride for my child. Only now the wife of Vlad Topalov understands that being a parent is a big job.

Subscribers called leading very sincere. They also reacted to the fact that the couple no longer hide Michael’s face. In the comments under the post followers began to argue, who looks like a boy.