Regina todorenko are unable to explain the cause of the conflict with him Bednyakova

Regina todorenko said that could not explain the cause of the conflict with him Bednyakova. In a recent interview the former host of “heads and tails” negatively expressed in the address of former colleagues.

Регина Тодоренко не смогла объяснить причину конфликта с Андреем Бедняковым

“I have my own attitude to the kids who came to us with a nice girl for a change. I don’t like Regina Todorenko and Kohl Serge”, — said the Poor, but declined to give a reason why he doesn’t like these people.

Todorenko admitted that he was extremely surprised, after reading the interview Bednyakov. Leading repeatedly refused to work with her, even on very favorable terms, but such an open unfriendliness in his address, the wife of Vlad Topalov did not expect.

“I admit that once can say about Andrew that something extra. Honestly, I don’t understand the reason for what is happening. He always wanted to work together, but what’s the problem now, I don’t know”, — quotes “StarHit” Todorenko.