Regina todorenko boasted memorable gift

Regina todorenko enjoying her motherhood and is trying to give to my son Michael all the best. Leading admitted that with the advent of the baby her life and principles have changed dramatically. Now the priority of his interests and care about the boy, the star no longer is at risk as fearlessly as before, and works not for pleasure, but for the good of the baby. Regina also decided to share the first achievements of Michael (as boy’s name in the family).

Регина Тодоренко похвасталась памятным подарком

It turns out that the son of the star learned to hold a spoon, and already draws, though still funny and very insecure. But Regina boasted a memorable gift from a fan – a picture of a horse. By the way, the host was born in the Horse year, so the picture was symbolic.

“My son is still very funny and draws his artistic masterpieces are still far from the world of the paintings, while he just learned to hold a spoon in his hands. So the picture you see in the photo, created someone very talented daughter, who gave it to me. That’s how I look in this girls eyes – working beautiful horse!” — joked the star.

Fans drew the attention of not only children’s masterpiece, but smiling at Regina. Leading donning jeans and a translucent blouse milky colour with hair “Malvina”, which, incidentally, is back in fashion.

  • VI Taka Garna, Yak chin’s. And without makapu Yak Scolari
  • Beautiful horse. Talented girl
  • Regina, what a beautiful hair color you have
  • And You’re really beautiful!
  • You’re so cool, you’re just super!
  • Yak VI Garnier
  • Figure cool
  • You are very beautiful