Regina todorenko came to stay in his native Odessa


In the midst of the holiday season of the popular TV presenter Regina todorenko decided to pay a visit to his native Odessa with her son. It is worth noting that baby Michael is traveling with my mother almost from birth and the flight to Ukraine for family cause no difficulties. At home Regina enjoyed my mother’s cooking and found the time for get-togethers with school friends.

Регина Тодоренко приехала погостить в родную Одессу

In the caption to the photo, the presenter admitted that their strong friendship to last for 25 years, and added that adult friends other topic of conversation than before:

“Previously, we discussed miniskirts, lipstick, and guys, now’s the diapers, powder, and men. What’s next?) Love you, my @apfel_inka , @aritrofimova , @anya_babi4eva. PY.Sy.: it is a bit scary, when you realize that our friendship last for about 25 years,” as she described the scenes at Instagram.

Subscribers could not resist and humor made his version of further developments:

  • It’s cool
  • On old age, dentures and bitches daughter
  • Or joint adventure, lovers and grandchildren
  • What a lucky friendship, may last until old age
  • And then retire, validol and grandchildren
  • Will continue discussions, which denture is better
  • here Garneau visli
  • Well done! Friendship is tested for years!
  • Very colorful photos!
  • Girls – beauties
  • On: retirement, grandchildren and Bazaar
  • Will continue to discuss the horse ointment ,pension, and those who wear miniskirts, lipstick and boys
  • further discussion of the school education system and so on.
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