Regina todorenko flashed slender legs

Regina todorenko after its debut on the show dancing with the stars 2019 as the leading balcony and decided to stay in his native Ukraine. After a couple of days in Kiev, she went to Odessa to parents. By the way, the star did not come herself, and with her son Michael. Regina managed to complain that she had a hard time with the baby on the train, but the southern Palmyra warmly greeted her with good weather. So, Regina showed a street-style photoshoot on a cozy street of Odessa.

Регина Тодоренко сверкнула стройными ножками

Presenter posed in a short dress-sweatshirt delicate lavender-pink color with long sleeve and side pockets. Cozy, casual look she added white sneakers. The girl ignored the makeup and look as natural as possible.

“Well, here haloooooo! I have 15 in Odessa, and in your city what is the weather?” — Regina asked, not forgetting to mention that walking chose clothes from their own brand.

The fans have diagonalis new pictures of pet. They appreciated the leading of the legs, and wondered if she was too cold to walk around Odessa light.

  • Beauty
  • Regina, you’re like my husband
  • Legs — lovely sight!
  • The sweetest person I’ve ever seen! Regina — a miracle!
  • 15 degrees with bare legs? Brrr
  • Regina — gorgeous!
  • Yak Garni!