Regina todorenko has revealed the main causes of quarrels with Vlad Topalov

Regina todorenko openly talked about the main reasons of quarrels with her husband Vlad Topalov. Celebrity couple got married over a year ago, having to acquire the joint son.

Регина Тодоренко раскрыла главные причины ссор с Владом Топаловым

The confessions of the ex-host of “heads and tails”, they are with Vlad Topalov strongly differ in temperament, which often provokes conflicts. In General, however, the spouses cannot resolve disputes by peaceful means. The husband may swear by Todorenko, when she throws things or long to dismantle the suitcase after another trip. She may be angry because of the excessive attention Topalov to her things.

In addition, the singer is “furious” that the presenter constantly phone’s dead, so he is often unable to reach her. Todorenko such guilt for himself admits, noting that trying to get rid of this habit. Portal Elle the media personality explained that Topalov is her complete opposite as he loves the regularity and organization, and it creates “chaos”.