Regina todorenko husband and I enjoyed the warmth and sunshine in Italy

Regina todorenko not sit still — not for nothing that she was the star of travel show “heads and Tails” and even traveled around the world. She especially loved Italy — it was there that they held their incredibly beautiful wedding celebration with Vlad Topalov, and after leading repeatedly visited this beautiful country. This time she and her husband flew to the Sunny island of Sicily, to celebrate there the birthday of the artist — he turned 34 years old.

Регина Тодоренко с мужем насладились теплом и солнцем в Италии

Star couple walked through the picturesque streets of the main town of the island — Palermo. On his page on Instagram Regina shared colorful photographs, which she seems very happy.

To explore Palermo presenter went white with small black polka dot loose dress. Hair she gathered in a ponytail and did light makeup.

Some photos Todorenko captured a sightseeing double-Decker open-top bus on which she and her husband studied the main attractions of the city.

“Do you want to Sicily?” — asked the subscribers of the celebrity.

Of course, many were quick to respond to Regina that I want to go there and admired her beauty and radiance.

  • Second, you’re so lucky!!! As the holiday passed, pulled by the ears?
  • Wonderful
  • This radiant, you direct feel the heat
  • Solar
  • So much beauty
  • I really want to! My dream
  • We were this summer, it’s beautiful
  • Krasivaya
  • Know how to surprise a disarming smile!
  • Gorgeous))) Beauty)))
  • All with such sad faces,as the most…and Regina well done
  • Regina You’re a goddess in this outfit
  • You are the sun – positive

Note that later in the stories Regina has shown that more they with Vlad went to Milan.