Regina todorenko in a dress-coat flashed perfect legs

Leading demonstrated chiseled figure

Регина Тодоренко в платье-пиджаке сверкнула идеальными ножками

Regina todorenko loves his job and for the sake of your favorite things ready to literally not sleep for days. Fatigue far exceeds the enthusiasm for the process and a sense of satisfaction with the result. So, this time leading decided to combine business with pleasure and went to Verona, not one, and son Michael. The main purpose of her visit to Italy was the screening of the famous Italian brand Calzedonia. Videos directly from the catwalk, she has published in instagram.

Regina has shown a spectacular video, which easily defile in a dress-coat with handbag on a chain. Shoes – feminine stilettos. Makeup, with emphasis on the lips with the lipstick red hue, the hair elastic Hollywood curls.

Leading a relaxed, moving, dancing and having fun on camera front of the lens, she feels like a fish in water. The video is provocative, as the image of a girl – very impressive.

“So, let me sum up the trip to Verona: interview with Chiara Ferragni, familiarity with Tina Kuniaki (incredibly beautiful), photography and videography, interviews, filming for my YouTube vloga. Show just a bomb”, — shared his impressions of Regina.

  • Bomb worker
  • Regirock, as always on top! Live, lightweight, stylish, charming
  • Beauty
  • Bomber as always
  • Perfect legs
  • Ulybka
  • Regina, You are so bright and cheery! Charged from You
  • Always so real, bright
  • Pretty unreal
  • Cool