Regina todorenko: “In the pursuit of success, money and careers we forget about the main thing”

Regina todorenko has published in his Instagram account a new post, in which he spoke his opinion on family. Presenter said that in a pursuit of career, money and success, we forget the most important – about people.

Регина Тодоренко: «В погоне за успехом, деньгами и карьерой мы забываем о самом главном»

Regina todorenko often encouraged subscribers to new publications in your Instagram account. TV presenter tells fans about his life, and to share philosophical thoughts. Once the post and the star had some time to think about family. Regina todorenko wrote: “In the eternal race for success, money and career that we forget the most important – about people”. Thus, the presenter has inspired his followers to prioritize and not to forget about their loved ones. Career and money should not interfere with normal relations, because otherwise nothing makes sense.

Also the star said that they have a husband and sometimes a verbal altercation that would wound the beloved. However, the pair is trying to nip such talk in the Bud, because in the end they will still make peace. Fans of Regina Todorenko, endorsed the philosophy of idol and wished the presenter’s success in career and comfort in the family.