Regina todorenko included in the ranking of the highest paid bloggers

Regina todorenko fruitful job in this year – from the birth of the baby energetic and purposeful leading with double zeal set to work. Her efforts were greatly rewarded projects Regina was awarded a number of awards that became her even more incentive to go forward.

Регина Тодоренко попала в рейтинг самых высокооплачиваемых блогеров

By the way, another pleasant surprise for the leading was the second place in the ranking of the richest bloggers from Forbes in Russia.

For this reason Regina wrote a detailed post in instagram and published a candid photo. In the picture, the tanned star posing in a black bodysuit and jacket-black leather jackets, from accessories – leather choker-collar.

In the picture you can easily consider ample Breasts and shapely legs. By the way, around the leading in the list are Russian journalist and also a successful blogger Ksenia Sobchak.

“Forbes contends that the chick in that photo, among the ten most highly paid bloggers instagram. In the second place me and my 860 000 $. Well, just so you write, then it is. Great motivation. From this astonishing information I already remembered moored their 30-foot boat alongside the yacht Xenia anatolevny in his dream. Well, wait, Forbes. Now I have the incentive to create the coolest projects! Very soon, I promise to please you with novelties,” wrote Regina.

Fans of the successful blogger arrived with congratulations and do not forget to appreciate her piquant way.

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