Regina todorenko mentally performed their hit Natalia Mogilev

Natalia Mogilev, who recently was moved by a network of delicate photo with the ex-partner on Dancing with the stars Vlad Yama, welcomed the new Ukrainian cover of your hit song “Misyats”. Song performed by Ukrainian TV presenter living in Moscow — Regina todorenko. And the video itself Mogilev has published on his page in Instagram.

Регина Тодоренко душевно исполнила хит Натальи Могилевской

Video Regina in a black shirt, no makeup and the collected hair soulful singing in the Studio at the microphone.

“Very sensually and emotionally… so Proud of you @reginatodorenko! Thank you. My dear, and you as a cover song #Will?” — I commented on the video by Natalia.

Video: Regina todorenko sings Misyats (

Flattered Todorenko immediately responded to the praise in the comments.

“Thanks, but better You this song, no one played),” wrote a leading.

Netizens agreed with Natalia and left a lot of compliments singing Regina.

  • Super
  • A delight! Didn’t know that this kind of vocal from her. Very fit
  • Duuude cool! Pam I remember Qiu pisnyu sche s ditinstva
  • Garneau!!!
  • It is possible to listen forever. Very nice. Regirock you are super
  • Very nice
  • Well, better than You, nobody has played to this day! But Regina’s pretty good.
  • Shivers
  • Bravo! Umnichka! Loved it! Very soulful!
  • Very cool. This is creepy
  • Just magically wrapped…so sincere
  • How beautiful !!! Wonderful performance ! Love this song