Regina todorenko said about its similarity with Nadia Dorofeeva

Regina todorenko commented on their similarity to the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva, which, incidentally, continues to “tease” network wow-way in a sparkling top. During an interview for youtube-blog “Glory” was the topic of the similarity between the two beauties. Fans repeatedly noted as very similar artist. Moreover, one of the search queries sounds like “Todorenko and Dorofeeva sisters.”

Регина Тодоренко высказалась о свей схожести с Надей Дорофеевой

Once a joint photo Regina Dorofeeva signed as follows:

“Can replace each other, no one will notice)”

According to Regina, it hardly even my own mother confused!

“Leafing through and said, “Oh, ass, and where you been here?” I said, “Mom, what? You would have looked”… And Nadia, we met her, and she said to me: “Imagine sometimes in the city are and I are — Oh, from the Tails of Regina, is that you?” — says TV presenter.

The interviewer Glory Demin suggested that Regina and Nadia like lips.

“I think that… a stereotype is a good girl with long hair, big eyes,” suggested Regina.

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But a joint selfie with Dorofeeva Todorenko once jokingly commented:

“Seeta and Geeta are together again. 27 years ago, these identical twins were separated, but now we’re back together. Nagy, I think we can even passports to change. If anything, I have an open visa to Honduras and Bangladesh.”