Regina todorenko said that he had met his counterpart in Italy

Regina todorenko told subscribers that during a visit to Italy, met his DoppelgangeR. Appropriate post wife of Vlad Topalov placed in the microblog Instagram.

Регина Тодоренко рассказала, что встретила своего двойника в Италии

Todorenko has shown a new picture which depicted in a shirt and breeches on a stone fence in the pond. Near leading, you notice the girl with placed in the tail hair, standing with his back to the camera. In comments to the post celebrity wrote that he believes all people relatives, but had not thought to meet like her man.

“Perhaps, once, in 15 years, I unknowingly gave birth to a daughter?!” — joked Todorenko.

Taking pictures was prohibited, so the star could not show the girl’s face to fans, but assured that it is very similar to it. Followers appreciated the post and shared their stories of meeting with counterparts.