Regina todorenko said what kind of relationship prevails in the family

Regina admits that can quarrel with the husband for anything. Leading notes that with her husband they are complete opposites. So, she calls herself a “stank” while Vlad is a real pedant.

Регина Тодоренко рассказала какие отношения царят в семье

“Vlad is not satisfied with my forever discharged the phone: “Why you never call?” It’s really irresponsible of me, and I’m learning a lot from her husband. Vlad is my absolute opposite. I stank and eternal chaos, and it all systematically and planned for the year ahead. But it’s good, a man should be,” she said.

The star of “the eagle and Tails” and remembered about luxury Italian wedding in Sorrento. The event lasted for three days, the couple decided to invite to the celebration of a narrow circle of guests there were only about 70 people.

“For me, the wedding is the Union of two clans, a celebration of life, where you can see the cohesion of his family. This is the most important day when all are going to behold a great love. Your guests unconditional support and the rear, on which you will be able to calculate the whole life. After the wedding everything changed, we became much more United and friendly. At any time you can call the grandparents and ask for help,” explained the anchorwoman.

Also Regina doesn’t hide that he wants to give birth again, and Vlad is not only not against, but strongly supports her desire, and even sees in the future a large family. Leading also sure that the mother of the child must be realized and happy, and then he will pass this condition.

“Husband said: “you Will give birth to as many as will”. I think we will have a large family. Just want to do everything. I have such a thing: trying to be implemented by the mother, then to not blame the children, all my life spent on them. So I try to learn and to be interesting. The invisible umbilical cord that exists: when mom is happy, baby is happy, and Vice versa”, says the leading.

In the star family, there is a segregation of duties in relation to Michael. For example, my father brings the boy a good taste in music and study with these languages.

“Dad is walking with his son, plays guitar and ukulele, sings, reads stories in English and changing diapers. The mother feeds, bathes and plays the piano. We do not impose son, always looking at his mood,” shares Regina.

Literally from the first days of life leading took son to shooting. The baby was even a private dressing room with a comfortable bed. Nursed by his mother Regina, as well as alternately leading herself and her husband.

“At first everything went smoothly, but after a couple of months was very difficult. I didn’t sleep much, and the change was for 12 and sometimes 14 hours. The lack of sleep I was very exhausted. It is qualitatively spend time with the child. The topic of motherhood I learnt very quickly: went with Vlad to the psychologist, talked to the pediatricians, listen to lectures by Ludmila Petranovskoj and read tips on baby care midwives Tracy Hall. We taxied. I realized that we have a very tough son and he is so unlucky or, on the contrary, was lucky with my parents,” admits Regina.