Regina todorenko shared funny stories from their trips

Regina todorenko arrived in Kiev with an important mission – she was leading the balcony in the eleventh edition of the show dancing with the stars 2019. Regina starred in the original dress on the smell and the shiny boots. Presenter admitted he was happy to go on the main flooring of the country and was delighted by warm welcome. Regina willingly shared pictures on the air page on Instagram and later decided to talk about his addiction.

Регина Тодоренко поделилась забавными историями со своих путешествий

It turned out that leading is a real coffee lover, however, her “experience” is not as big – only a year. While traveling in the framework of the project “heads and Tails” Regina managed to try so many exotic variations on the theme of coffee, which for some time couldn’t even look in the direction of this popular beverage.

“A year ago I was not a coffee lover I am now. During the travel I had to try an incredible number of completely different varieties of coffee were instant coffee from a bag, and harvested in the highlands of Ethiopia, I once even tried coffee from the droppings of the elephant (You may laugh and say, “EW, what is this coffee?”, but this coffee is the most expensive in the world, and it is from the fruit of coffee, eaten and digested by Thai elephants!), and coffee from bird’s nests in Vietnam, and coffee with durian in Brunei. All of the above completely repulsed all love for coffee,” admitted the star.

However, then in the house at the stars got the coffee machine and she again returned to the tradition of drinking this invigorating drink in the morning. “Still at home coffee taste better,” says the star. In confirmation of his words, she published a photo with the Cup in his hands.

The fans began to share their preferences in the selection of coffee and left the hotel Regina.

  • Good coffee it was a blast!
  • Oh how I love coffee. It’s so bad, of course, but two cups a day allow yourself. Regina, beauty
  • Working day always starts with coffee, black and aromatic. Only after this ritual appear to
  • The morning begins with a Cup of freshly ground coffee with milk
  • The morning starts with coffee