Regina todorenko shared his rules of style and life in General

Regina todorenko is one of the most stylish presenters and regularly indulges fans with bright images. For example, recently Todorenko and Topalov struck into a total black out! And the occasion was another award girl — she won in the nomination “Hero network” from the Russian magazine “OK!” The young mother shared with InStyle publication of its rules of style and life in General — so, Regina said that is not going to stop there.

Регина Тодоренко поделилась своими правилами стиля и жизни в целом

The artist noted that the independence and the work ethic she instilled in parents. She also shared several photos of bold looks from the photo shoot for the magazine.

“My mom and dad always worked a lot, and it taught me independence. Since childhood, I myself was preparing herself dressed, went to the store and recorded in a mug. And in 13 years has already started to work. I was invited to the adult theater troupe to help artists to perform at kids ‘ parties. Remember that your first earned 350 UAH I bought gifts for all the family. Dedication and love of life is probably my most important quality. I love life!” — shared Todorenko.

Mom also helped her become confident in themselves and their abilities — which is important in public work.

“I was always confident. As a child my mother put me in front of a mirror and instructed: “Tell yourself that you’re the smartest, the prettiest, wish myself good luck and go to a new day.” This mom-training helped me a lot. The world you won’t believe, if you yourself don’t believe in yourself,” said Regina.

Her goal is to become even better themselves yesterday, and give birth to more kids.

“It is important that what I do, responded in the hearts of people. When your show every time in trend on YouTube when you get the taffy is cool. And if you even while married and you have a baby, that is real success. Now I can confidently say that successful. But I want not to stop on reached, again and again to overcome myself. So the next goal is to TEFI as a producer of the reality show, which I have in the near future, and become iconic in the conversational genre. And in the family want to have two or three children,” said the girl.

As for clothes and style, she always carefully considers the image a little more pleasing to the husband.
“Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers have always been my favourite dress code, but lately I’ve been carefully watching the image, because each part has its own thought. For example, I always think through the image, starting from which guests will come to my program — this is drama. The appearance of the husband also made some adjustments to my wardrobe: Vlad wants to see me as a lady. I did not resist, so now more often wear a dress, pumps, tights — I like it!” — told the star.