Regina Todorenko shared their impressions of the live Dancing with the stars

On the channel “1+1” passed the tenth live show of dancing with the stars 2019. Note that leading to a balcony this time was the Ukrainian lady Regina todorenko. Traditionally, during the commercials, fans watched the backstage project on their official Facebook page that this year’s lead actor and host of “Sedanko. Vihidny” Alexander Popov. According to Alexander, all the fun always remains behind the scenes.

Регина Тодорнко поделилась своими впечатлениями от проведенного прямого эфира Танцы со звездами

So, the last time in the commercial break, Alexander had an opportunity to chat with superstar Regina Todorenko, who was the host of the balcony. Regina told about his impressions from the first live broadcast.

“I am very excited. Think it would be easier to relax with mozambicanity”, — jokingly said the artist. I’m impressed. Here is a really cool organization and the performance unmatched. I watch all releases in YouTube and are really rooting for Anya Rizatdinova. Elena Kravets is also very cool. How it happened from the first to the eleventh of the ether.”

Beauty Regina todorenko as the leading balcony dancing with the stars 2019, the tenth air

To the question if she wanted to participate in the project, Regina said, “I Think, maybe next year … Can I get an invite. Why not? This is a very cool project. Of course, it is difficult but I like challenges. You saw what I can do? Seen as I jumped off of Victoria falls? So, I think that I would be Dancing too overpowered if you didn’t get pregnant. Or the pregnant woman will dance the cha-cha-cha”.

In turn, the artist Pavel Zibrov, who was a guest on the air, also admitted that he was rooting for Helen Kravets.

We will remind, on Sunday on the channel “1+1” will be the long-awaited quarterfinals of Dancing with the stars 2019, which will surprise viewers new magical performances, the fight for a place in the final has become fiercer. Five couples who stayed in the project, will try to outdo their rivals, so ready to show on the floor even more technology and dance.