Regina todorenko showed the backstage life without embellishment

Regina todorenko masterfully able to do several things at once and to realize their potential in various fields. She takes off her own personal show, for which, by the way, recently received the award while working on multiple projects, is the face of famous brands, engaged in raising a son Michael manages to expertly combine business trips and leisure.

Регина Тодоренко показала закулисную жизнь без прикрас

The rapid pace puts its mark on everyday life of stars, which, by the way, look is not so attractive as they can think of fans. That is why the leader has decided to let fans behind the scenes of one of the shots and show her life without embellishment.

The star of “the eagle and Tails” was published on the page in instagram photos in a Bathrobe and Slippers with a plastic Sudocrem in his hands. Regina makeup and fresh styling made a snack in a hurry between shots.

“Here is my behind the scenes. In fact, we do very beautiful pictures, they just do not hit the shot,” wrote with humor leading, adding a couple of hashtags: “glamour” and “hard luxury”.

Fans under the photo began to study it amusing the way some sincerely sorry star, which had to endure the apparent inconvenience for the sake of spectacular shots, while others complimented her.

  • Wonderful photo! Very positive!
  • Miracle Regina, thank you for the beauty and positivity
  • You are awesome, Regina! I marvel at your energy and positivity! Good for you!
  • Poor Regina
  • Beauty our
  • As always on top
  • Always positive. Good for you! Admire!
  • Regina, you are awesome. Kind, sympathetic, sincere, cheerful, sincere yeah, cool girl!