Regina todorenko spent a memorable day in Italy

Regina todorenko not accustomed to sit still – her boundless energy is enough for more projects, interviews, magazine photo shoots and in advertising campaigns for famous brands, which she is. Leading does not forget about our favorite trips, for good reason, fame has brought her is the travel-show “Orel I Reshka”, so the celebrity uses any it is possible to visit interesting corners of Europe and beyond. That is to say, even if the wedding with Vlad Topalov she played in Italy. So Regina went to Verona, where he attended the screening of the famous Italian brand Calzedonia.

Регина Тодоренко провела незабываемый день в Италии

In the European city she arrived not alone, but with his son Michael. Regina has published on his page in Instagram photos in free black t-shirt with the logo of the copyright of the show “Friday with Regina” and a short plaid skirt with buttons. She complemented the street-style bow sneakers light turquoise.

Fans did not miss the opportunity to let go of the address Regina’s sincere compliments.

  • Melting away looking very good
  • Wow, what legs
  • Regirock, honey You
  • Beautiful
  • Looking good
  • Class
  • Regina you are very thin!