Regina todorenko touched by a Network of delicate photo with son

The presenter showed how spending time with the baby

Регина Тодоренко растрогала Сеть нежным фото с сынишкой

Regina todorenko, like all young mothers, experiencing a chronic lack of sleep and a severe lack of time for myself, but this is compensated by the charming smile of her son Michael. Recently, the presenter told us that the baby started teething and she had to say goodbye to sleep for five days! However, the energetic star mom thinks it a trifle sraveniyu with joy and happiness, which brought the favorite son in her life. So, Regina has shown in touching instagram photo with Misha as his parents, Michael.

The star of “the eagle and Tails” lying on the grass. Her short athletic shorts and a white blouse, on the feet – comfortable shoes. She is holding the Mike and gently kisses son on the forehead.

Signed at Regina this time was short – she only asked the subscribers what their plans are for the weekend, and added the hashtag “output”. “What are you plans today?” — the leader asked.

First and foremost, the attention of followers attracted family idyll in the picture – happy mom and son no one could remain indifferent. Some of them noted that the frame evoked tears of emotion.

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