Regina todorenko was fascinated by the Network of delicate photo with her husband

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov – young and energetic parents who are not accustomed to sit still. Positive Vlad and Regina went to the show and told about everyday life of young parents.

Регина Тодоренко очаровала Сеть нежным фото с супругом

Regina chose a silk dress-mini with elastic band at waist on-trend shade of a mango Mojito. She complements the image of large gold earrings, rings, and wavy hair has made it even more voluminous. Vlad came in a grey suit, black shirt and chose black patent leather loafers.

One of the photos from behind the scenes, Vlad gently embraces his wife waist. Regina commented in signatures your emotional behavior during the recording.

“I, as usual, all broadcast rzhu like a horse. Sorry, guys, it’s probably a way of life or hormonal hysteria” — with humor she said.

In the comments fans of the pair could not resist the compliments – they praised balada Regina and positivity that they radiate.

  • Regina, you are super!
  • Good you guys are
  • Cool
  • You are positive to lawlessness. It’s cool, I love your pair. With you always in the mood fire
  • Sincere, open, positive
  • A fun and happy family
  • They found each other
  • What you cool!
  • You are super
  • You both are so cool and so different! Fire and ice
  • Mishutka was lucky with my parents
  • When the husband and wife are on the same wavelength