Regina todorenko without makeup talked about the nanny for son

Regina todorenko — gentle and caring mother, who in December 2018 brought forth her firstborn son Michael. However the moderator could not afford a long time to fall out of the workflow, and therefore took the difficult decision in just a few months after birth returned to work. By that time, she has also regained a beautiful shape and lost a lot of weight recently, the actress admitted how she managed to get rid of extra kilos after the appearance of the son into the world so quickly. In addition, they are with Vlad Topalov had to find a sitter — and this process has been very challenging!

Регина Тодоренко без макияжа рассказала о поисках няни для сына

On his page on Instagram Regina has published a nice photo from a walk with the baby in the street — she was in gym clothes and no makeup sitting on a bench by the sea, and standing next to a stroller with a son. Apparently, the frame was made in the summer or early autumn in his native Odessa.

Signature Todorenko frankly told, how was the process of choosing a nanny for Michael and that it sometimes surprised and even shocked.

“We @vladtopalovofficial — very meticulous, anxious parents. I’m the nerd who reads tons of literature on child-rearing, and the VM is a very strict father who listens to his instincts! Therefore, the choice of Nurses, it was very difficult, probably like all! At first I protested: “to Give some stranger your child???? Never in my life! Never!!!” initially beckoned my mom, aunt and sister)) When I came to work, I realized that the help of a qualified teacher is a must!!! Instead of having to sit for hours on end on the forums, where thousands of unverified facts and subjective opinions and seek out information on child development, we decided to hire a professional in this field! To find a psychologist who will be our assistant, will get along with the child will meet all our needs, and even adapt to our tempo is a great happiness. But for happiness it took us several months of interviews,” — shared TV presenter.

According to her, many candidates for the role of the nurse is very impressed by her — and their child-rearing practices.

“And not because the nanny is bad, just each has its own principles, principles through which it is very difficult to cross: some nannies Worked with children, even without seeing the parents (dad on business, and mom hanging out in Monaco with my friends); was nanny who would treat a child like a vegetable, saying, “well, he still understands nothing”; there were the ones that dictated its rules; but in most cases all talk about their hard life, about the illnesses of their relatives and how I would not want to know and did not ask, but the climax of this event was the nanny that after 2 hours honestly said: “Oh, I’m at the parents can not work only one-on-one with a child, I have my own approach to the children, and you will begin to control me” WHAT??? In what the families had to work this beautiful kind women that they had such rules, beliefs??? I sometimes even scare away the strange questions Nannies: “you have a dad changing a diaper and wash the baby’s oil?”, “the first time I see a mom who takes a bath with the baby every day”, “wow, you work and breast feed, and in families where we were working, not even tried to establish guards,” writes the star.

Netizens in the comments thanks Regina for your candor and I assure you that she is a great mom.

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