Regular cannabis use causes major physical changes in the heart

New medical research from the UK shows that people who are constantly smokes marijuana, there can be serious heart problems due to physical changes in its internal parts. About it writes “New Time”.

Регулярное употребление каннабиса вызывает серьезные физические изменения в сердце

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In the context of its topical issues of decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in the world, in the Internet appeared dozens of new scientific studies on the harm or benefit of this drug for the human body.

Adherents of legalization of marijuana traditionally spoken about its benefits for medical use and much more the dangers of alcohol and tobacco, which are legal to sell in unlimited quantities, and, Yes, opponents of marijuana complain of a complete ban on any trade in narcotic substances.

But what are really the consequences for the human body carries marijuana use? According to a recent study, researchers from the University of London, this substance can change the structure of the heart.

Learned physicians from the UK?

A group of scientists from the University of London Queen Mary has published research on the effects of cannabis on the structure of the heart. The authors write that marijuana is one of the most common drug in the whole world, about 192 million people use its recreational purpose.

At the same time, the world health organization warned of “the potential harm of non-medical use of marijuana” and “the need for additional research” to determine how cannabis affects heart health.

In the new work, scientists analyzed data on the state of the body 3407 people from the UK, among whom were those who frequently use marijuana. Under the “frequent use” scientists mean Smoking or any other ways to use the drug daily or weekly basis for five years.

For the first time doctors have determined that regular smokers of cannabis may change the structure of the heart and its functions. The researchers analyzed the condition of people’s hearts by using magnetic resonance imaging, and compared the obtained data depending on who and how often respondents smoked marijuana.

It turned out that in regular smokers showed signs of violations of the functions and structure of the heart. In particular, the left ventricles were larger in size than people who rarely or never used marijuana at all. The experts write that the left ventricle is one of the toughest and most thick parts of the heart that pumps the blood throughout the body, so any physical strain can lead to serious heart disease and even death.

However, scientists report that the changes they noticed were minor, and the results of their study are based on data about a relatively small group of regular marijuana smokers.

The paper notes that 3407 respondents, only 47 people constantly use cannabis, and 105 indicated that they used this stuff all the time, but more than five years ago. “We urgently need systematic research to identify long-term effects of regular cannabis use for the heart and blood vessels. This would enable health workers and policy makers to improve the counseling of patients and the General public,” says study author Mohamed Kanji.

Despite this, scientists suggest to reduce the number of marijuana until, “until further systematic research.” Again, we are talking about the dangers of daily or weekly use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

“Regular cannabis use was independently associated with unfavorable changes in the size of left ventricular dysfunction and subclinical compared to the rare use of cannabis or the lack of it. These data should be interpreted with caution and further research is needed to understand the potential pathophysiology, dose-dependent effects of cannabis use and long-term effects of regular consumption for the cardiovascular system,” says the study by British scientists.

How else does marijuana affect the body?

Oddly enough, various studies indicate that the impact of marijuana on physical health. Opponents of cannabis arguments about harm to the cardiovascular system of man, and adherents, on the contrary, talking about the analgesic property of marijuana, and its use for recovery of the nervous system.

At the National Institute of health say that people use cannabis for the treatment of various diseases for at least 3,000 years. Having the opportunity to grow this substance in the natural environment, people are experimenting with different varieties of marijuana and their effect on the body, and most importantly, the content of active substances, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (СBD).

Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive substance, so varieties of marijuana with high THC content, usually used for non-medical purposes. But products based on СBD can absolutely legally be sold in countries where cannabis is semi-legal status.

Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA) approved СBD to treat various forms of epilepsy, and a few months ago, this chemical compound have begun to explore the effectiveness for a number of other diseases, particularly pain and inflammation.

Dr. mark Blaskovich from the Center for molecular biological Sciences of the University of Queensland found that cannabidiol was highly effective to fight against wide spectrum of gram-positive bacteria, in particular bacteria that have become resistant to other antibiotics.

“Given the documented anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol, a promising new antibiotic that deserves further study,” said Dr. Blaskovich.

Various scientists from the United States believe that medical marijuana gives you the ability to cope with chronic pain, helps to relieve depression, PTSD and anxiety, reduces opioid and alcohol addiction and is effective in combating nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

At the same time, other studies confirm that frequent use of marijuana can lead to diseases of the human respiratory system, development of suicidal thoughts and psychosis like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

There is a lot of inaccurate and false information about the Association of marijuana use and the development of cancer. For example, researchers from the Institute of Northern California in San Francisco recently identified that while Smoking marijuana in the human body gets a lot more carcinogens, which increase the risks of developing various cancers.

“Misinformation may be an additional threat to public health; cannabis is increasingly touted as a potential cure for cancer in the absence of evidence, besides pay much attention to this misinformation in social networks, especially in States that have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes,” wrote the study authors.

On the other hand, in the report of the National Academy of science, engineering and medicine USA a few years ago wrote that “the Smoking of cannabis does not increase the risk of developing cancer”, except for “relations with malignant tumors of the testes” in males.

Obviously, like any other substance, cannabis can have different effects on the human body, especially in the case of its uncontrolled use.

Hemp boom

The actual problem, which obviously ruined the image of marijuana in recent years is the use of Smoking mixtures on the basis of the THC vapers.

A study by the National Institute on drug abuse United States shows that the States are the number of high school students who at least once in the last month smoked marijuana through a vaporizer, has doubled over the period from 2018 to 2019. The report stated that now the number of high school students who took cannabis via vaping in the past 30 days is 14%.

Experts emphasize on this, because summer and autumn, 2019 in USA, an outbreak of lung disease in people who used e-cigarettes. After researching the causes of these diseases at the American Center for control and prevention of diseases came to the conclusion that the majority of people who died after Smoking vaping used liquid based THC.

Many patients who went to the hospital with similar symptoms of diseases of the respiratory system, reported the use of THC products and in dozens of cases that led to death. “The data continue to indicate that problems are products containing THC. We believe that TCH is a marker for high-risk products,” said Anna Sucat, chief Deputy Director of the Center for control and prevention of diseases.

Scientists predict that in the future the situation of marijuana use among schoolchildren can only increase, since electronic cigarettes give you the opportunity to always keep in the pocket of Smoking mixture based on the THC and use it daily.

“It makes sense, especially for use in schools. The obstacles that prevent some Teens are constantly using marijuana at school, have been overcome, and technology gives children the opportunity to smoke it more often than they could,” says one of the study’s authors, Professor University of Michigan Richard MIH.

However, according to Micah, in General, is that marijuana use remains at the same level, but “vaping may soon change this situation.”