Release of salmon, a questionable study

Salmon release, a questionable study


The assertions of researchers from Laval University that recreational fishing and release can affect the reproduction of salmon have startled many fishermen and the organizations that have been managing the salmon file for many years. many years.

Not that the seriousness of the study is called into question, but the fact of taking into account a single river, the Rimouski River, when there are 118 salmon rivers in Quebec, poses a problem for many.< /p>

“We were aware of this study, explained the director general of the Quebec Federation for Atlantic salmon, Myriam Bergeron, a biologist by training. You have to put things in perspective. Several studies already exist, where it is mentioned that a good catch and release, done in the rules of the art, has a limited impact on both the success of reproduction and the survival of salmon. We have known about this study conducted by researchers at Laval University from the start. We have been working for a long time on the impacts of catch-and-release in warm water situations, when the water is low and the salmon are trapped in retention pits. »

“We too live with the reality of climate change. This study proves what we anticipated, namely that water temperature has an effect on released fish. In their report, the researchers mention that in the case of the Escoumins River, where there is cold water, the impact of the release is very limited. »

Limiting the impacts

“For several years, we have been working with all the organizations involved in river management, to improve the management of our fishing methods in order to adapt to climate change. For the past two years, we have had a pilot project to regulate fishing in rivers where there is a hot water problem.

“In Quebec, we have a really solid salmon management plan. We have a very sharp monitoring of the species. We have always taken the necessary measures to limit all possible impacts on salmon through sport fishing. Throughout Quebec, management organizations are already working to monitor the salmon population, river by river. We are working to establish the thermal dynamics of rivers. »

Sport fishermen who compete against the king of our rivers have always reacted to protect the species. Therefore, it should not be claimed that they are dangerous for salmon.

 Release of salmon, a questionable study