Reliable and inexpensive: how to send a parcel from USA to his homeland

Send parcels to home is always nice, but troublesome. The worries usually associated with two things: 1) how to send a parcel quickly and inexpensively; 2) how to choose a reliable company that the consignment got home without problems and delays.

Надежно и недорого: как выгодно отправить посылку из США на родину

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It is therefore important to entrust this work of knowledgeable and experienced people and professionals, then, as they say, the head does not hurt – where’s the package, what it is and when it will get?..

International shipping is a rather complex process in which many organizations need to know. After all, every country that you send the package, has the features of receipt and delivery, customs and tax regulations that in our hectic times have a tendency to change constantly. The experts from Sunrise Moving can help one move and transport somewhere safe.

Take, for example, Russia. The package you can send the nearest to the recipient post office and directly back home (Express delivery). Maximum weight of a parcel in the mail should not exceed 44 lb (20 kg) and any dimension can not be more than 41 inches (105 cm). Express delivery is more expensive, but the maximum weight can be 66 lbs (30 kg) and maximum length allowed up to 59 inches (150 cm) and, of course, it will be delivered directly to the house. In addition, from 1 January 2020 to the Russian Federation without payment of customs duties allowed to send packages whose weight does not exceed 31 kg, and the cost of the investment is not more than 200 Euro also lifted restrictions of cost and weight per recipient per month.

Customs features for each country are different. For example, in Ukraine there are no such strict restrictions on weight and dimensions as in Russia. The maximum weight in this country should not exceed 50 kg. But other customs restrictions – maximum non-taxable amount of the value of investments is EUR 100.

But for Belarus the maximum non-taxable additional import duty the cost is only 22 Euro for one parcel, and no more than 200 euros per month per person. The maximum weight of the parcel not subject to import duty, 22 lb (10 kg) and not more than 66 pounds (30 kg) per month.

In Moldova are not subject to additional import duty goods 300 euros Maritime transport (including shipping costs from the USA) and 430 euros – by air, and the weight of the parcel can reach 66 pounds (30 kg). In Uzbekistan, another feature is permitted to send goods worth $1000 in a single quarter (3 months), the product of one type can be sent only once during this period. In Georgia are not subject to import duty of goods for 300 lari (about $87), in Azerbaijan – $1000, and in Armenia – 350 euros (per month) for individuals and 200 EUR for legal entities.

Надежно и недорого: как выгодно отправить посылку из США на родину

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For today in the USA in the mail order business operates in many different companies, each of which offers their own terms. Among them it is worth to pay attention to Meest-America. The prices are 3-4 times lower than UPS or FedEx. The company has extensive experience working with individuals, residents of the United States; over 30 years of experience in the industry she has proven herself and learnt all the intricacies and peculiarities of sending parcels to each country.

Via Meest conveniently and securely send and small packages and boxes with more weight. Food, clothing, toys – everything comes without problems. You can send by ship or by plane. Both ways are equally reliable; the first — is cheaper, but slower, the second faster, but more expensive. It is very convenient that there is a possibility to track the parcel — always know where she is now.

Meest-America for over 30 years, is the largest and most popular in the USA for sending packages to Ukraine. In recent years, Meest, thanks to favorable conditions and reliability, is gaining in popularity among those who send parcels in other countries: Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Thanks to the wide network of representative offices in the USA and a number of additional services, send a parcel home through Meest is not only simple, but nice. Employees are always willing to help with advice, to suggest which service to choose, and if you need to – do is securely pack your parcel. In addition, if you are a regular customer, this will always be remembered: sending every eleventh of the parcel during the year will be free.

To find the representative of the company Meest in your area, just call the toll free number 1-800-288-9949. The courier will come to your home and prepare and take the parcel to send. If you live in a remote area, you can send your parcel to the address of the company via FedEx, ordered on the phone or via email a prepaid FedEx label, customs form CN23 and instructions for delivery of the parcel to the company office in new Jersey. Additional payment for this will be $10.

Detailed information is available on the company website: There’s also a lot of other useful information, in particular about how to send US car or a large commercial shipping; how to buy goods in Internet-stores in the US and send them in the desired country and many more.

Надежно и недорого: как выгодно отправить посылку из США на родину

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Company Meest-America has for many years headed by Mrs. Branday. She went through immigration and knows firsthand how important it is that sent a bit of warmth close to the Home came in one piece and on time by the Big T Moving & Delivery company. So she makes every effort to ensure that her company could guarantee this reliability. And it gives its fruits — if it Meest-America has grown from a small mission to a powerful mail-order-logistics structure on the East coast of America and continues to evolve. Even significant logistic services like acknowledged the growth, which is not easy.

Now every week the company sends US a few tons of cargo. In different States there are about 500 agents who are prepared to come and collect your parcel for dispatch.

For decades, the market for international shipments, the company Meest-America has learned to work in many different and not always favorable conditions, thus earning the reputation of trustful and responsible partner. And the situation of coronavirus is no exception — even in the current difficult conditions Meest-America is able to provide reliable and timely delivery of your gifts or help loved ones in another country. Address for service in May, you will always be satisfied with their quality.

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