‘Remove data’: Google has issued a warning for Chrome users

Hassle-free update Google Chrome — one of the most attractive features due to their reliability. But the latest version of Chrome is automatically updated from hundreds of millions of users worldwide and causes serious problems for Android users. This writes Forbes.

'Удаляет данные': Google выпустил предупреждение для пользователей Chrome

Photo: Depositphotos

Version of Chrome 79 removes the data from the Android apps that access Chrome through the built-in Android WebView Android. Users are furious, and the bug tracking system Chromium describes this as a “serious problem”.

Google confirmed the problem and has halted the update, but found that Chrome is already installed 79 approximately 50% of the devices (the world’s 2.5 billion Android users).

One of the engineers Chromium said: “currently we are discussing the right strategy for solving this problem.”

Also, Google asked users to “collect the list of packages affected”, which suggests that there is still some way to detect and correct all of the problems raised. At the moment there is no official list of affected applications.

“I understand that data loss puts you in a very difficult position — admitted to another engineer Chromium. — This issue marked as P0 [highest priority], so at the moment we don’t need more reminders about how important it is for you. Please understand that the team is working on a solution that minimizes data loss. Thank you for your patience!”

If you already use Chrome 79 (check the version installer Chrome in the Play Store), you will not be able to do anything. Not having the official list of affected applications and the serious risks of data loss when accessed, there is no obvious way to protect yourself and data sensitive applications.