Renata Ford lost the election, gaining only 2.8% of votes (PHOTO)

Рената Форд проиграла на выборах, набрав лишь 2,8% голосов (ФОТО)

It seems that not everyone in the infamous Ford family destined to political victory. At least not the first time.

Last night Renata Ford, the widow of the former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford and daughter-in-law of the current Prime Minister of Doug Ford, was defeated in the Federal election to fight for a seat in Parliament from the district of Etobicoke North.

Celebrate the end of the election campaign, Ford, who represented the people’s party of Canada (SPC) Maxim Bernier, and pending its results, was held in the restaurant, Asian Buffet in Etobicoke.

The CPP priorities are the reduction of income tax, the protection of freedom of speech, “the preservation of canadian values and culture” and providing “a fair and responsible immigration policy.”

Liberal candidate Kirsty Duncan (Kirsty Duncan) captured the unconditional leader in the district, which has long been considered the “center of nation Ford.” Duncan earned unwavering 61,3% of the votes, followed by conservative candidate, Sarabjit Kaur 22.1% and Naim Farah from the NDP 11.2%.

Ford showed himself to be little better than a candidate from the green Nancy Guman, receiving 2.8 percent of the vote.

Renata did not comment on the issue of judicial process, which she began against the brothers of her husband, Doug and Randy, last year, but has promised to journalists to Global News that will back in the next election.

“The first time Rob didn’t win – she said to journalists. – We’ll be back, let’s try again and see how things go”.

It also has not excluded that will stand on another level of power.