Renee Zellweger about returning to acting

Renee Zellweger this year celebrated its anniversary, the actress turned 50 years old. And we can confidently say that now she is at the peak of his career. Movies with her participation go one after the other, and they all have great success. Critics noted with the feature of two basic patterns: the series “What if” and “Judy”. After that, growth in career celebrity began to appear in public, give interviews, and most recently, she starred in a photo shoot for a popular glossy.

Рене Зеллвегер о возвращении к карьере актрисы

Renee told the magazine about his career and personal life. Journalists are very long been attributed to the actress loud novels with Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper and other famous actors of Hollywood. However, rené says only one beloved, whose name for some reason does not call. After parting with him, to the soul of celebrity settled on emptiness for a long time. Around she noticed the headlines about her breakup. It was hard and humiliating.

In 2009, the actress decided to take a career break and was gone for 5 years. She believes that it was an excellent experience. She realized how good it is to be a regular unknown person, when you can safely go to a cafe, drink some tea. No one was out, she was able to engage in dialogue with other people and find out their opinions on any topic. In this life time Renee tried to understand what in life is important to her.

Of course, Zellweger in an interview with reporters talked about her acclaimed role in the film “Judy”. She admitted that it was the hardest schedule in its history filming. However, the actress not once did not tired, because it took so long was starring in such pictures, therefore, held the role in every way.