Renee Zellweger spoke about the humiliating breakup with her boyfriend

The actress returned to screens after a long break and became the heroine of the December issue of InStyle.

Рене Зеллвегер рассказала об унизительном расставании с бойфрендом

Renee Zellweger returned to the world of cinema and catching up. This year her popularity had increased again: the actress starred in the series “What/if” and the movie “Judy” where he played the Hollywood star Judy garland. In an interview with InStyle Renee spoke about the temporary disappearance from the screens and the personal drama that happened to her early in his career.

Zellweger recalled a difficult breakup with her lover, whose name she does not call. The actress has complained that its broken condition aggravated numerous gossip and news in the media.

I was very devastated by the breakup, but this topic was picked up by all the tabloids. Everything they wrote is wrong, and it’s very humbling

— shared Renee.

In 2009, for several personal reasons, the star was gone from screens. She said that a break has done her good.

It was nice for some time to communicate with people. When you disappear from the radar, people don’t discuss and don’t even recognize you. You become a simple man, who sits quietly in the cafe and drinking coffee. I had to prioritize in life and if I continued acting, I wouldn’t be able to do it

— said the actress.

During the interview we were talking about her recent role of Judy garland, which attracted the attention of viewers. Rene said that this was a real challenge:

The shooting schedule was pretty tough. But I got excited and wanted to catch up. I couldn’t stop.