Renovating a house? In KSCA reminded that it is forbidden to do

Ремонтируете дом? В КГГА напомнили, что запрещено делать

There is a list of works which cannot be carried out in apartment buildings.

The residents of apartment buildings are responsible for their condition. There is a list of works on reconstruction and repair, which may not be performed in such houses, said the Deputy Director of the Department of building and housing of KGGA Yury Tatsiy in Facebook.

He said that it is not allowed to do in the apartment:

  • disassemble the outer wall to combine loggias and balconies;
  • partially or completely disassembled floor decks vertically;
  • to increase the area of toilets and bathrooms at the expense of housing area or ancillary facilities;
  • to make openings in bearing walls if on these steps there is no approved project documentation;
  • without permission to do modifications or add-ons to the house.

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We will remind, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law “On realtor activity”, which I want to clear up the industry and require realtors to be licensed and enter the certification bodies and their registry.