Reparse Alina Pash got into trouble in Israel

The actress spoke about the incident during the trip.

Реперша Alina Pash угодила в неприятность в Израиле

Ukrainian reparse Alina Pash, who told about his Tunisians boyfriend, recently returned from a trip, says “social life”.

According to the singer, they loved travelling around the us, traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In addition, the pair has visited Israel.

“Travel is my passion. But America was now in Israel, visited tel Aviv, Jerusalem. In Jerusalem I was almost taken to the police station,” said Alina.

As it turned out, the celebrity decided instead of pills to smoke pot, for which I nearly got to the station.

“There is such a thing as CBD. It’s weed, but without the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which does not intoxicate, and which relaxes and it is legal in many countries. But not in Jerusalem. In tel Aviv, Yes. Instead of pills I decided to smoke yourself the CBD because it is legal in tel Aviv, allegedly. But, apparently not. I almost got taken to the police station. Mom, I’m sorry. Dad, I’m sorry,” shared the actress.