Repeat drunk driving offender: responsible for the death of his best friend

Repeat drunk driving offender: responsible for the death of his best friend


A repeat drink-driving offender who has only himself to blame for an accident that caused the death of his best friend after a very drunken evening in Lévis has admitted his guilt in front of several of his relatives.

The atmosphere was heavy in the courtroom Thursday afternoon when Ludovic Ruest-Labrie pleaded guilty to one count of impaired driving causing the death of his best friend. On the one hand, around fifteen relatives and friends of the accused – several of whom also knew the victim – had come to support the young man imprisoned since the accident of October 16, 2021.  

< p>On the other, the family of Jesse Roberge, who died following the impact between the car he was in and an electric pole. If the 25-year-old accused suffered no injuries during the impact, the victim had no chance.  

Jesse Roberge

Conversely, the evidence reveals that Ludovic Ruest-Labrie meanwhile had several chances during this evening to avoid tragedy. The Lévisien who had already been arrested for drunk driving in 2017 had since been subject to a zero tolerance measure and could only drive his vehicle equipped with a breathalyzer.  

After spending the evening at the Délice restaurant where the alcohol was flowing, the accused had returned home safely when his best friend Jesse Roberge called him to come and join him, offering to pick him up. with his car.  

Back in the bars, Ruest-Labrie presumably continued to drink given the blood alcohol level of 260 milligrams per milliliter of blood that the police recorded after his arrest. However, the repeat offender still said that he had drunk only four pints of beer throughout the evening, a version contradicted by a Snapchat video in which we see the accused taking shooters.  

< p>Despite the offer of a mutual friend who had offered to be the designated driver, Ruest-Labrie instead decided to drive the victim's vehicle, which was not equipped with a breathalyzer, “claiming to be very correct”, in order to return to the House. The witnesses of this evening revealed that the 25-year-old victim did not ask that the accused take his car and that the latter did so on his own initiative.  

Sad As luck would have it, it was in front of the Délice bar, where Ludovic Ruest-Labrie had spent most of the evening, that he deviated from his lane to cross in the opposite direction and hit the electric pole around 2:50 a.m. At the time of the emergency response, a Delice server went to the police to tell them that he had served “lots of glasses of alcohol” to the driver who was taken into custody.  < /p>

The accused admitted his guilt with a serious look, while his relatives wept. He will return to court in mid-October for sentencing submissions during which Jesse Roberge's relatives as well as the accused himself are expected to testify.

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