Repentigny intends to defend itself well

Repentigny intends to defend itself well


The mayor of Repentigny refutes the allegations contained in a $1.8 million lawsuit brought by a senior officer against his city's police force, including those concerning racial profiling, and intends to defend himself before the courts. 

“At home, we have no shame in the actions of our police department. On the contrary, we are very proud of it and everything is going well,” said the mayor, Nicolas Dufour, in a telephone interview.

Le Journal reported on Tuesday that Daniel Archibald, an assistant director at the Police Department of the City of Repentigny, recently filed a civil lawsuit at the Joliette courthouse. He is claiming more than $1.8 million in damages to his department and to ex-colleagues, alleging that the work climate there was “toxic”. towards him. 

“It's not his first attempt to make complaints about us and it always fell a bit, because there's nothing substantiated. […] It never came to fruition,” said Mr. Dufour. He is still in office as deputy director, but he is currently on sick leave, said the mayor.

Racialized police officers hired

Archibald also alleges in the lawsuit that he discovered a scheme put in place to screen out racialized candidates who wanted to become police officers in Repentigny.

“He accuses us of having done hiring profiling, but racialized police officers were hired during the same period that he denounces. There are some incoherent things,” dropped Mayor Dufour. diversity had been hired at the time or how many are currently in post.

The mayor, however, maintained that Repentigny “is confident and ready to defend itself.” before the courts against the allegations made in the civil lawsuit against the municipality.  

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