Replacing Patrick Roy, Simon Gagné had “the sting”

Replacing Patrick Roy, Simon Gagné got “the sting”


Faith of Simon Gagné, it is still much too early to say if he feels ready to become the head coach of the Quebec Remparts next season. However, he admits that the experience he had at the end of last week gave him “a little sting to coach in the future”. 

Patrick Roy's last-minute decision to going on a trip with his partner and friend Jacques Tanguay last week forced Gagné to immerse himself more quickly than expected in what could be his new duties next year. And he didn't hate it, far from it.

“I liked that. Not all assistants are lucky enough to be told: “Look, I'm leaving for a week, you decide everything. You take the lead and if there are things to change, it's you. I tasted that and it allowed me to see what it could be like to lead the team in the future”, mentioned Tuesday the one who had also replaced Roy in preseason when the latter had been suspended for comments made. to officials. 

Gagné, who collected his first two career victories as head coach in the QMJHL, prefers not to project himself too far into the future, even if he enjoyed his first dip in the world of hockey head coaches. junior. 

“We will go there on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We're going to focus on this year having a good season with the coaching staff and then we'll see.” 

In his own way

< p>For his baptism of fire in the QMJHL, Gagné obviously did not turn the team structure upside down since the start of the year. On the other hand, he tried to bring his color and his way of seeing things behind the bench, which pleased the players. 

“He is close to the players and it was still special. Sometimes we would come back to the bench and he would throw little jokes at us. We are not used to that, I was a little surprised, but it was fun,” said forward Pier-Olivier Roy. 

Gagné smiled when told about the words of No. 8.

“Is it always going to be that? I can not wait to see. The way I coached over the weekend is the style of coach I would like to be. Of course there is a line. It's important to be close to your players, but at the same time they need to understand that you're the boss. There's a time to be serious and another to be close to the guys and relax them. That's how I would approach the next games. Would I make any adjustments along the way if things weren't going as well? Maybe.” 

Several role models

The former professional player doesn't have a specific example of a particular coach on which he bases himself to forge his own style. 

“It's a mixture of several coaches. I had Guy Boucher who was like that, but sometimes harder. There was also Peter Laviolette who was very tough, but also very close to the guys off the ice. He enjoyed talking with them and doing team activities with them. I even think of a guy like Ken Hitchcock. There are fewer things I liked about his approach than things I liked less, but there are things we did in training that I learned from him.”&nbsp ;

As planned when he accepted the position of assistant to Patrick Roy, Gagné will not make all the trips with the team and he will skip the next one in the Maritimes , starting Wednesday.